November 27, 2022

Affordable Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring at an Affordable Rate

affordable laminate flooring

Compared to other flooring materials such as tile, natural stone, hardwood, concrete, and even carpeting, laminate is a cost-efficient solution. However, with this being such a tight economy and so many people living on a budget, it never hurts to have a little insight into finding laminate at the most affordable rate. Therefore, we wanted to offer some tips for finding affordable laminate flooring. Of course, without sacrificing the quality.

For starters, instead of paying full price, consider discount laminate flooring. For this, you could conduct an online search to locate actual discount flooring companies. Or simply look at discounted products through regular flooring companies. Often, a flooring company will end up with the wrong merchandise, or too much of a particular color, pattern, or style of laminate flooring. Or simply advertise discounted prices as a way of drawing in customers. Therefore, take full advantage of reduced pricing regardless of the reason.

You can also find affordable laminate flooring from a wholesaler. When you visit a traditional flooring store, you are buying retail. This means the price you would pay is a markup from the wholesale price. In other words, flooring stores purchase products from companies at wholesale. And then mark the price up to customers as a way of making a profit. However, bypassing the retail store and going directly to the wholesaler means paying less. For years, wholesale was something only offered to businesses. But today, anyone is provided the opportunity to buy wholesale and save.

laminate flooring at cheap rate

Bulk Purchase

Depending on your situation, you may be able to purchase laminate flooring in bulk. As an example, if you were looking for laminate flooring for rental homes, apartments, or a business you own, a great way of enjoying discount pricing is by purchasing flooring in bulk. Usually, flooring companies are more than happy to offer reduced pricing when the sale is over a certain minimum for square footage.

wholesale laminate floor

While this is an excellent option, keep in mind that many flooring companies do not carry bulk. And those that do may be limited as far as color, texture, pattern, and style. You would also want to check lot numbers to make sure the laminate flooring would be consistent for a large quantity.

You could also spend time online looking for sales locally. By using any of the larger search engines such as or, you would type in “laminate flooring sales”, and then include the city name or zip code for the area wanted. This would pull up information about the different stores offering current sale prices on laminate flooring.

In addition, use mill-direct websites to find an abundance of overstock selections. After all, many flooring companies order what they believe will sell. But if a particular style does not do as well as predicted the company ends up with overstock. Of course, the company would rather sell the laminate flooring at a discounted price than not sell it at all.

Year-End Sale

Finally, as a part of your online research look for year-end sales. Flooring companies order the latest and most innovative flooring available each year. So to make room for the new inventory, flooring currently in stock needs to be sold. To move the existing flooring as quickly as possible, companies will drop prices drastically.

In fact, looking for affordable laminate flooring by going this route could easily save anywhere from 30% to 60%. Remember, the flooring is brand new, and gorgeous, and you would have a choice of different grades. The only reason for the low price is to make room for the next year’s merchandise.

Discount Laminate Flooring

There are many advantages to choosing discount laminate flooring when you want to get more for your money. They are very attractive and durable. But as with anything you want to make sure that you are making the right choice for your home. You want a floor that will be appropriate for the space it’s going in and will withstand the wear and tear it will get.

discount laminate flooring

There are certain terms that you should know before you start shopping for discount laminate flooring. When you want to know which laminate is best for use under heavy wear, you will need to know the AC rating. This stands for Abrasion Class. It is the industry standard for rating a laminate floor’s ability to withstand heavy use. The AC rating will take into account factors like impact stress, burns, stains, and scratches.

A laminate flooring review will also tell you how much the core of the floor will withstand and swell when exposed to water. All of these things put together will help you determine if the floor will hold up the use you expect to dole out on it.


Flooring reviews will also include an evaluation of the quality of construction. How does this work to your advantage? Well if you want discount laminate flooring for a kitchen, you want to look for a review on a material that is thick and high quality. This will ensure that you have many years of use out of it despite the constant traffic and scuffing. Some floors will even come with an underlayment already attached. A laminate flooring review will tell you this as well. This makes it even easier to install and should be considered if you are installing things yourself.

high pressure laminate flooring

Another important factor in looking at a laminate flooring review is that it will help you understand how the manufacturer made the floor. It will either be high pressure or direct pressure. High pressure is more durable since the layers have been glued together in a two-step procedure. They are also usually more water repellant.

Direct pressure may be cheaper but it is more likely to peel. So if you need a floor for a light traffic area, like a bedroom, then the direct pressure process will be appropriate. All of these things will help you save time by only looking at products that will be suitable for your home. You can easily get flooring that is perfect for you.

Cheap Laminate Flooring

When talking about “cheap laminate flooring”, there are two options. First, there is “cheap” meaning low pricing. Obviously, finding quality flooring that is cheap or priced affordably is always a good thing. Second, there is cheap as in poor material and/or workmanship.

cheap laminate flooring

In this case, cheap means something bad. For the purpose of this article, we wanted to address ways to identify cheap laminate flooring specific to poor quality so you avoid wasting money.

Remember, just because laminate flooring is low priced does not mean it is “cheap”. Just as high-priced laminate flooring does not mean it is always high quality. This is why learning how to identify cheap in the form of quality as opposed to depending on price is critical.

The way, if you were to walk into a store and have a salesperson push hard for a sale, you would be the one in control. By knowing the right questions to ask no matter what sales pitch was being used.

Reputable Manufacturer

laminate flooring manufacturers

For starters, while not guaranteed, the chance of ending up with cheap laminate flooring is greatly reduced if you buy from a reputable manufacturer. Top manufacturers of laminate flooring did not get a solid reputation by happenstance. But after years of providing consumers with an excellent product. Therefore, start the journey of shopping for quality laminate flooring by choosing a product from a well-known flooring manufacturer.

In addition, ask about or research the process used to create the laminate flooring. When created using the right processes, this type of flooring would wear exceptionally well. And will for sure, provide years of flawless service. What you want to look for specifically is flooring constructed using a high-pressure method whereby the laminate is glued in layers. In addition, you want flooring that has a fiberboard core that has been saturated with melamine resins and water repellant. Anything other than this construction would be deemed poor quality.


Laminate flooring also comes in different thicknesses. And knowing this information would help you avoid spending good money on something of poor quality. The standard density is between 6 and 12 millimeters. In this case, the rule to follow is that the thicker the laminate flooring the better its quality. With this, the flooring would be able to withstand heavy traffic without showing significant signs of wear and tear. Although thicker laminate flooring also costs more, it is an investment worth making.

laminate flooring thickness

Next, the AC rating of laminate flooring would help you distinguish between good and poor quality. This rating makes it possible for consumers to identify how durable flooring of this type is. If the laminate flooring would be installed in an entryway, hallway, children’s bedroom, family room, kitchen, or another high-traffic area, you want the highest AC rating you can afford. Although a high AC rating would be ideal for all rooms, it would be most important in areas of the home used most often.

Always remind yourself that you are the customer. And because of that, you have both the right and responsibility to ask questions. A representative from a reputable flooring company would be more than willing to provide answers and information. So if at any time a salesperson is hesitant or does not provide detailed answers, you should move on.

After all, the purchase of laminate flooring is a big decision. And one that will require you to pay hard-earned money. Therefore, you should always be able to question the quality of laminate flooring and not feel pressured to buy anything less than the standard you want and deserve.

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