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Engineered Wood Flooring Pictures

Engineered Wood Flooring Pictures

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# Engineered Wood Flooring Pictures: A Guide to Choosing the Right Floor for Your Home

Are you looking for a flooring material that adds sophistication and charm to your home? Engineered wood flooring is an attractive, durable, and versatile option that can give your home a sophisticated and modern look. But how do you know which type of engineered wood flooring is right for your home? This guide will help you understand the different types of engineered wood flooring, and how you can choose the best option for your home.

## What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a type of flooring made from real wood, but it’s made with a composite of several layers. The top layer is made from a hardwood species like oak, maple, or hickory. Underneath this top layer is a core layer made from either plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF). A backing layer is then applied to the bottom of the core layer to provide stability and support. This backing layer can be made from either hardwood or plywood.

The benefit of engineered wood flooring is its stability; because it’s built with multiple layers, it’s less prone to warping and movement than solid hardwood. It’s also easier to install than solid hardwood, making it a great choice for DIYers who don’t want to hire a professional for installation.

## Different Types of Engineered Wood Flooring

When shopping for engineered wood flooring, you’ll find several different types available. The type you choose will depend on the look you want and the amount of wear and tear it will endure.

### Plank Flooring

Plank flooring is the most common type of engineered wood flooring. It comes in strips usually between 3-7 inches wide, and varies in length from 12-84 inches. Plank flooring can also be purchased unfinished or pre-finished, giving you more options when it comes to finding the right look for your home.

### Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is another popular type of engineered wood flooring. It has a unique pattern made up of small individual pieces of wood arranged in geometric shapes like diamonds, squares, or triangles. Parquet flooring is usually finished with a dark stain or wax to bring out the beauty of the patterned design.

### Click Flooring

Click flooring is often referred to as “floating” flooring because it doesn’t need to be nailed or glued down; instead, each piece clicks together like a jigsaw puzzle. This makes click flooring an easy DIY project that can be installed over most existing floor surfaces without too much time or effort.

## Choosing the Right Engineered Wood Floor for Your Home

When selecting an engineered wood floor for your home, there are several factors to consider. Start by thinking about where you’ll be installing the floor; if it’s in an area that gets a lot of foot traffic or moisture, choose a more durable option like plank or parquet flooring. If you’re looking for more of a DIY project, click flooring may be the best choice.

Next, consider how much maintenance you’re willing to put into keeping your new engineered wood floor looking its best. Pre-finished floors require less maintenance than unfinished floors because they already have protective sealant applied at the factory; if you choose an unfinished option, you’ll need to sand and finish the floors yourself at home.

Finally, think about the overall look you want for your home; choose colors and finishes that match your decor and furniture for a cohesive look that ties everything together. With so many options available, you’ll be sure to find an engineered wood floor that fits both your lifestyle and budget!