November 27, 2022

Garage Floor Covering

Garage Floor Covering Made Easy

Have you ever gone online and checked out some of the cool garages people have enhanced with their own hands? You might be surprised how wonderful an average garage can look after the cement floor has been protected against cracks, chips, and chemical stains that will never come out. In fact, the garage will look so cool; you might see how it can become a favorite room in the house. Some people park their cars on one side and turn the other into a mini office, large pantry, and more. You can even turn it into a temporary guestroom if your teen is having a sleepover.

garage floor covering

It takes no time at all to clean and makes it as nice as any other room in your home. Although it sounds good, you may be thinking that you do not have the talent to have a really fabulous garage. But, you might be pleasantly surprised, because the garage floor covering made easy can be accomplished by anyone who can play with Legos or push a paint roller.

Roll Baby Roll

garage floor mats

If you can roll out a rug or a hunk of carpet, you can put down something in your garage to make it look nice and maintain the integrity of the cement surface. Plus, you do not have to break your piggy bank or invest a lot of time in home improvements. You can opt to purchase a garage floor mat. The size depends on your personal needs. You can purchase a mat the size of your car.

Alternatively, you can even find a rubber surface on which to park your motorcycle. But, you may want to overlap the mats or use adhesive tape to secure the rubber and make it a wall-to-wall adventure. Whatever you choose, you can transform your garage in a matter of minutes. So, roll baby roll!

Made to Last

vinyl garage flooring tiles

When protecting the surface of your floor is the main goal, you may want to select vinyl garage flooring. It may come in the form of mats or tiles, but it is a proven material for being durable and a great deterrent against the absorption of oil and other chemicals. It is easy to clean.

If the flooring gets messy with debris or stain-causing materials, all you will need is a wet/dry vacuum or a good old garden hose. Have at it.

Although it does not seem like it initially, the vinyl garage floor is meant to take quite a beating and still look great. It is designed to take up to 5000 pounds, which should be well above the weight of your car. It is made to last and to adequately protect your floor for years to come.

Price Check Please

diy garage floor covering

In today’s economy, it only makes sense to check the price of everything, before you make a purchase. For example, even if you have been blessed enough to buy a house, you are not made of money. You might have bought a fixer-upper because you are handy around the house. However, you are going to have to be frugal and careful with your home improvement selections.

For example, if you are interested in improving your floor and preventing any further damage from the elements and use, you might want to check out garage floor coatings. Of course, you can pay someone else to do the job.

But, if you can push a paint roller, you can purchase a kit and do the job yourself. You will receive instructions on how to obtain a professional finish in a step-by-step process. You might even be lucky enough to receive a video example of a do-it-yourself garage floor coating. It will save you a lot of money and look great when you are done.

Colorful and Fun

If you dread finding something to protect your garage flooring, maybe you are not looking in the right places. Are you worried about having to pay a contractor to get the job done? Why should you have to spend even more money to have a protected floor, when you can get the materials and do it for yourself? When you are done, you can have great flooring that is both colorful and fun. What you need are garage floor tiles. It is a great way to improve your garage.

The process is easy enough; you can get the entire family involved. If you can snap Legos together, you can line these vinyl tiles together and snap them in place. In a few hours, you can have an awesome garage that will look worthy of displaying and protecting the most valuable car on the planet. So, pick your pattern, get the family together, and snap to it!

Cheap Garage Floor Covering Options

People with garages should consider installing garage floor covering in order to make their garage more functional, effective, and durable. While it is technically okay to leave your garage floor as is, you might want to add even the cheapest garage floor covering option to it so it would last longer.

There are many options when it comes to garage floor paint and other flooring ideas. Some can be expensive while others are affordable. If you are a little concerned about your finances and would like to find ways how to cover your garage floor without causing too much dent in your budget, here are some suggestions for you:

Garage Mats

Floor mats are one of the most popular options when it comes to garage floor coverings. This is because mats are highly durable and very easy to install. They are functional in the sense that they reduce slips and accidents inside garages. Most of garage mats are made of quality rubber. And being such, you won’t have to worry about tools falling hard on the floor and ruining it.

As stated above, garage floor mats are quite simple to install. You simply purchase the proper amount of flooring in a big roll, unroll it onto your floor, and cut it to fit. You can either overlap adjacent mats or cut them to get a perfect seam. Either way, you can greatly improve your garage very quickly by installing this flooring.

If you ever need to move or change the flooring, you can simply roll the mats right back up. The mats also come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures, so you can get the right one for your needs. If you want super grippy, slip-resistant flooring, you can get that. If you want a nice clean look to transform the aesthetics of your garage, you can get some nice decorative designs, as well. The options are really wide.

If all of this sounds good to you, try checking out some of the many internet retailers who offer these garage floor covering products at great low prices. Once you see how nice your garage will look with a new floor installed, you’ll be quite glad you did.

Metal Tiles

Looking to get that plain old concrete garage floor cover up with something a little more durable, functional, and stylish? Give garage tiling a look. As its name suggests, garage floor tiling is simple specially designed tiles for your garage floor. These tiles come in a wide variety of different styles and shapes, so you can choose the optimal tiles for your garage’s needs.

But instead of using decorative stones and ceramic pieces in your garage, look for thin metal tiles that can be placed over the garage’s floor area. These tiles are as useful mats. And they can last longer too. Mats may get torn in time. The only problem with this option is that they are relatively harder to install.

Epoxy Paints

epoxy garage floor

If you are really looking for the cheapest but equally functional floor covering for your garage, it is best that you settle for epoxy paints. Epoxy paint costs the least, as far as the per square installation value of covering your garage floor. For a regular-sized garage that can house two vehicles, you are going to need four to six large cans of epoxy paint, depending on how thick you want the paint to be. Two coatings of paint and a layer of paint protector on the surface should be enough. The only problem with this option is that it requires too much preparation. You have to clean the floor first before applying the first coat of paint. Drying time can take a long while too.

Once installed, the epoxy flooring will protect against stains and other damage to your actual garage floor. Of course, you’ll still have to clean up stains and fluids, but they won’t soak in as they will with concrete. Rather, they will just pool up on top. The coating will also serve to prevent cracks and other damage to your garage floor.

Since the epoxy garage floor covering can be installed easily while providing solid protection for your floor, it makes a great option for every homeowner.

These are the garage floor covering options that you can consider if you’re looking for a cheaper way to make your garage look good and durable. With these floor covers in place, your garage floor would become virtually maintenance-free. More so, they could add more value to your house come the time you want to sell it.

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