November 27, 2022

Laminate Flooring Manufacturers

As you delve deeper into understanding laminate hardwood flooring, the one thing you would hear repeatedly from consumers and flooring experts is the importance of purchasing this type of product from a reputable manufacturer. Multiple reasons for this exist include materials being higher quality, the preferred high-pressure production process used, workmanship being better, and the warranty covering more and for a longer time frame. Compared to if we were to purchase laminate hardwood flooring from a less reputable company.

laminate floor manufacturer

Even if you had to pay a little more to purchase flooring of this kind from a top manufacturer, it would be an excellent investment. After all, high-quality laminate hardwood flooring would enhance virtually any room in the home. Regardless of the style or architectural features and would add value to the home if you were ever to sell. By purchasing the best flooring you can afford from a well-respected company, you would end up with a product guaranteed to withstand high-traffic areas. Without showing wear and tear and flooring that would be easy to clean and maintain.

We wanted to provide you with some of the top laminate hardwood flooring manufacturers you can trust. These companies have gone out of their way to produce amazing products. Of which they are proud but also a product they feel confident consumers will love.

Mannington Laminate Flooring

mannington laminate flooring

Many people consider Mannington the leader in flooring and have been since they started doing business in 1915. A small family who set out to become the best flooring manufacturer around founded the company. Now in its fourth generation of being family-run and owned, they have become leaders in laminate flooring. In the industry, they have even been named the best by their own competitors.

One of the biggest draws of Mannington laminate floors is just how realistic-looking the material is. Some laminate flooring will look like laminate no matter what, but not with Mannington. They take such great care in manufacturing their flooring material. Resulting in you will not be able to tell the difference between natural material and laminate. Not only that, they engineered their very own embossing procedure that gives the laminate an equally realistic three-dimensional texture.


The durability of Mannington laminate floors is truly unbeatable. Typically when a laminate floor is manufactured, the glue that holds the plastic to the core is not very durable and can come unstuck. But this company replaces the glue with a plastic thermal-set resin. The resin is forced through and between all three surface layers and into the fiber of the core. This makes it nearly impossible for the layers to peel away from each other. The core is also made of specialized recycled wood that is very high in density.

If you want a laminate floor that is impervious to wear and stains, then Mannington is your company. They use a surface material that is made with aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is second only to natural diamonds when it comes to wear and stain resistance. Even if you should put a lot of wear and tear on your floor, you don’t have to worry about the color fading. The low-luster, the textured surface has been proven to have the longest-lasting appearance on the market.

And as with all laminate floors they are virtually maintenance-free. Really all the maintenance they need is to clean it on a regular basis. Should a spill happen it is usually as simple as wiping it up and letting it dry. Spills like cigarette burns, paint, ink, or shoe polish, you can easily remove with alcohol or nail polish remover. Best of all, no damage will be done to the floor itself. All of these factors and features will keep your floors looking brand new for a very long time. The biggest reason and temptation to replace Mannington laminate floors will be to try a new look. Rest assured there are plenty of looks to choose from.

Tarkett Laminate Flooring

tarkett laminate flooring

Tarkett is one of the top flooring manufacturers in the world. And with over 120 years of experience in the business, they better be on top of their game. Their business motto is that the floors in a person’s home will help define the way they feel in their home. And how happy they are to spend time there.

The Tarkett laminate flooring line is among the top that the company has to offer. It is a laminate floor that has been perfected over many years. And is continuing to be improved as time goes on. Their laminate is renowned for never fading, or staining, and will keep its shine indefinitely. There are formal and casual laminate options. So you will definitely find something that fits your personal style. Tarkett laminate flooring has four different lines, each showcasing a certain specialty within the company.

The Essentials

The Essentials laminate line goes for casual and comfortable styles. There are two different collections within this line. With casual and formal floors respectively design. So, do you want the most sensible designs that will bring comfort and warmth to your home? Then the Essentials collection is the right one for you.

The Original Worlds

The Original Worlds collection is designed to be more formal and fancy in nature. Inspired by the natural woods of far-off countries. If you want the most exotic and decorative of the Tarkett laminate flooring, this is the collection you want. This collection is the newest trend in flooring and is sure to be completely unique.

The Vintage World

You definitely have to look at the Vintage World collection. It will give a look at your home that defines the old-world style. And will give you an authentic antique look then. Half of the collection concentrates its look on centuries-old designs. Which are still just as beautiful now as they were then. The other half of the collection pays homage to the textured stone scraping technique.

The Mineral World

Finally, you have the Mineral World collection from Tarkett. This is the only collection the dedication to modeling its laminate after the stones of the natural world. It is the most technologically advanced collection, and definitely one of the most decorative. If the look of hardwood is not really your style, try the look of natural minerals and stone.

The company recommends never using soap or detergent on your Tarkett flooring as it may leave a film and interfere with the finish. The laminate floor should also never be sanded, waxed, or refinished to keep it in perfect condition.

Other Reputable Manufacturers

Alloc – This flooring company provides beautiful laminate products to consumers around the globe. With a solid reputation for quality materials and workmanship, as well as constantly using innovative solutions to improve on existing products, Alloc is an excellent choice whether looking for traditional designs or those within the company’s unique collection. The only downfall is that getting Alloc laminate hardwood flooring in the United States has become increasingly difficult. But flooring can be shipped in from overseas, an extra expense worth every cent.

Armstrong – In addition to Armstrong manufacturing laminate hardwood flooring marketed as its own brand, the company produces laminate hardwood for Bruce Laminate floors, a highly respected reseller. With Armstrong, most flooring solutions come with a 30-year warranty. In addition, planks have beveled ends and edges and they measure 12mm thick. This is the best thickness you could buy for comfort and noise absorption.

Pergo – Typically, when people think of laminate hardwood flooring, Pergo often comes to mind. The flooring solutions offered include the latest colors, patterns, styles, and textures to meet the demands of consumers. The company offers beautiful flooring if you need to stick to a tight budget. As well as top-of-the-line designs that are simply stunning. Regardless, each type of laminate hardwood flooring made meets or exceeds high standards.

Laminate Floor is Affordable

Today many homeowners are choosing to remodel their homes rather than buy a new one. Starting with discount laminate flooring is often a place homework can afford to remodel. Laminate flooring can quickly transform an old outdated-looking room into a modern showplace. There are many types and styles of laminate flooring to choose from. Just like any other type of home remodeling project prices range from very expensive and very costly. Most home improvement warehouses carry a wide variety of laminate flooring products. Make it easy for you to choose the laminate flooring you can afford.

Easy to Install

Installing laminate flooring is easily accomplished by the do-it-yourself homeowner. In fact, choosing one grain of the wood and what color you’d like for your laminate flooring will be harder than installing your floor. It’s important that you follow the manufacturer’s directions very closely. It is best if you start off with a small room. You can go to other rooms once you build up your skills in installing a laminate floor.

Are you not a DIY type of person or simply don’t have the time to do it yourself? Typically a homeowner who does not want to install their own floor will ask a professional for a nominal fee. The most common types of laminate flooring are oak walnut and cherry. The most popular manufacturers of laminate flooring are Tarkett and Mannington.

While some laminate flooring can get rather expensive you need not spend more than you have to for a good-looking floor. There are several brands of discount laminate flooring that serve you just as well. Laminate flooring is made to look like natural products such as wood flooring or natural stone. Laminate flooring is definitely the best choice for flooring in an active home with lots of foot traffic. And also, laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain.

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