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Remove Wax From Ceramic Tile Floor

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Remove Wax From Ceramic Tile Floor

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## Remove Wax From Ceramic Tile Floor

Removing wax from your ceramic tile floor can be a tricky business. Wax buildup on your tiles can cause unsightly stains and discoloration, and if not properly removed, can even lead to permanent damage. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to safely and effectively remove wax from your ceramic tile flooring.

### Gather Supplies

The first step to removing wax from ceramic tile is to gather the necessary supplies. You’ll need white vinegar, ammonia, a soft cloth, a mop, a bucket, and a mild detergent.

### Prep the Area

Before you begin removing the wax, it’s important to prep the area by clearing away any furniture or other items that may be in the way. Once the area is clear, mix a solution of one cup of white vinegar and one cup of ammonia in a bucket of warm water. Use the mop to apply this solution to the wax-stained areas of your tile floor.

### Scrub Away the Wax

Once the solution has had time to penetrate the wax buildup, it’s time to get scrubbing! Use a soft cloth or sponge dipped in the mixture to gently scrub away the wax. To ensure thorough cleaning, make sure you’re scrubbing in circular motions and applying pressure until all of the wax is removed.

### Rinse and Repeat

Once all of the wax has been removed, use your mop to rinse away any remaining residue and thoroughly dry the area with paper towels or a dry cloth. If necessary, you can also use mild detergent on stubborn spots to remove any remaining traces of wax. Just make sure you rinse away all soapy residue to avoid damaging your tile flooring.

### Keep Your Ceramic Tile Clean

The best way to protect your ceramic tile flooring is to keep it clean and free of wax buildup. To do this, regularly sweep your floors with a soft broom and mop them with a mild detergent once every week or two. This will help keep your tiles looking their best for years to come.

Removing wax from ceramic tile flooring doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following these simple steps, you can easily and safely remove wax buildup on your tile flooring without causing any damage. With regular maintenance and care, your tiles will stay looking new for years to come!

How do you remove candle wax from ceramic tile floors?

1. Place a paper towel over the wax and press an iron set to low heat over it. The heat will melt the wax, which will be absorbed into the paper towel.

2. Use a plastic putty knife or a butter knife to scrape off any remaining wax.

3. Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a bowl.

4. Dip a cloth into the mixture and wring out the excess liquid.

5. Wipe the affected area with the damp cloth to remove any remaining wax residue.

6. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean cloth or towel.