February 26, 2024

Garage Floor Heating

Warmth and comfort are just a few steps away with Garage Floor Heating. Whether you use your garage as a workshop or simply for storage, you deserve to work in temperatures that are inviting. To achieve this, you can choose between two main types of heating systems: electric or hydronic.

Electric systems are the simpler option, often installed beneath the garage’s concrete slab and powered by an electrical outlet or a dedicated circuit breaker. These systems use electric cables that heat up as they conduct electricity. You can customize the pattern of the cables to suit the size and shape of your garage, and with minimal maintenance, these systems are easy to install and use.

Alternatively, hydronic systems are powered by hot water circulated through pipes in the concrete slab. A boiler or a hot water heater generates the heat, which is then circulated through pipes via an electric pump. These systems are more efficient than electric systems, but require more maintenance to ensure proper circulation and no leaks in the pipes.

Both electric and hydronic systems offer unique benefits, so it ultimately depends on your needs and budget. Electric systems are cheaper to install but may require more maintenance over time. Hydronic systems are more expensive to install but can provide a consistent source of heat for years.

Whichever system you choose, Garage Floor Heating transforms your garage into a cozy oasis, allowing you to work without worrying about the cold temperatures outside.

Garage Floor Heating

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