February 26, 2024

Tile Floor Does Not Level

Tile Floor Does Not Level

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How to Fix an Uneven Tile Floor

When you’re installing a tile floor, one of the most important steps is to make sure that it is level. Unfortunately, there are times when the tile floor does not level correctly and will need to be adjusted. If this happens, don’t worry – there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure everything is level again.

Steps for Fixing an Uneven Tile Floor

1. Check the Subfloor for Uneven Areas

The first step in fixing an uneven tile floor is to check the subfloor for any irregularities. If it is uneven, you’ll need to use a self-leveling compound to even it out before laying down the tiles. It’s important that you use the right kind of compound for your subfloor material – if you don’t, you could end up with a bigger problem down the road.

2. Prepare the Subfloor

Once you’ve checked the subfloor for any irregularities, it’s time to prepare it. Start by cleaning it thoroughly with a broom and mild detergent or degreaser. Once it’s clean, use a primer or sealer to ensure that the tiles will adhere properly. Finally, lay down a layer of thinset mortar and make sure that it’s completely level before laying down the tiles.

3. Lay Down the Tiles

Now that your subfloor is prepped and ready, it’s time to start laying down your tiles. Start at one end of the room and work your way out from there. When laying each tile, make sure that it is level with the surrounding tiles and that there are no gaps between them. If you find any uneven areas, use spacers to make sure they are evened out before moving on to the next tile.

4. Grout and Seal the Tiles

Once all of your tiles are in place, it’s time to grout and seal them. Use a grout that is designed for your type of tile and apply it with a rubber float or grout trowel. Once it’s dry, apply a sealer to protect your tiles from water damage and staining. Allow the sealer to dry completely before walking on your newly installed tile floor.

5. Troubleshoot Any Unevenness

If after all of these steps your floor still appears uneven, there may be a more serious issue at hand. You may need to remove some of the tiles and replace them with new ones, or even replace some of the subflooring if necessary. If these options don’t work, you may need to call in a professional who can help diagnose and fix the problem quickly and effectively.


Fixing an uneven tile floor may seem like a daunting task, but with a little patience and elbow grease, you can do it yourself! Start by checking for any irregularities in the subfloor then preparing it for tile installation. Lay down your tiles carefully making sure they are even with their neighbors and fill in any gaps with spacers if necessary. Finally, grout and seal your tiles then troubleshoot any unevenness that remains. With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to fix an uneven tile floor quickly and easily!