November 27, 2022

Basements Flooring – Ideas & Options For You

Basement Flooring Preparation

Basements need to be dry or at least not accumulating water before you ever start any basement flooring project you need to first do some basement flooring preparation. I wouldn’t even think about it without knowing first whether I have a “leaky” problem that needs to be looked into. The trick is, that sometimes you can’t even really tell if you have a moisture problem. It is absolutely essential that you fix any problems with dampness or resolve any problems with leaks before you start with basement flooring. After you have done this, wait a while and ensure that the problems have disappeared.

basement flooring

An upfront basement flooring preparation strategy is critical even if you feel like you don’t have a wet basement. Humid weather can run rampant and destroy valuable basement flooring. Not only that, who’d want to put the effort and work into something only to see it be destroyed a little more every day? Humidity is a killer because it causes condensation that forms from the cool floor surface temperatures. A good basement flooring preparation strategy will help you in resolving that musty basement smell.

A method that’s gaining quite a lot of attention for basement flooring preparation is the use of a rigid extruded polystyrene foam board as a basement foam board for quite a few different reasons. First, their extruded skin and closed-cell structure provide outstanding moisture resistance. They are strong because the foam board has been compacted producing very high compressive strength.

Extruded polystyrene foam board makes for an excellent polystyrene foam subfloor, is relatively easy to work with, and it provides excellent thermal performance that offers maximum insulating value. This makes it highly suitable for most common residential and commercial applications as well as for basement flooring preparation.

Begin the Preparation

basement flooring preparation

To begin with this basement flooring preparation method, you will need to start with a 1.5 or 2-inch thick extruded polystyrene foam board. Get enough to cover your entire basement floor. They come in 4-foot by 8-foot sheets and depending on the brand and rating you get can range anywhere from $15-$30 a piece, with an average floating around the $20 range. Shape that in over your concrete into your basement flooring.

You want a good tight fit or else you will probably need to tuck tape all the seams. Then you can recreate your subfloor over the top of this foam board with a minimum of 5/8 inch plywood. Lay the plywood down directly on top of the foam board. Now go back and pre-drill some holes through it all into the concrete so you will be able to secure the entire basement flooring.

Next, go back to the holes and secure the subfloor basement flooring to the concrete using some good concrete screws and viola. You’ve just installed an envious and dry subfloor ready to tackle all your basement flooring needs. This subfloor will be able to handle anything from carpet flooring to hardwoods to pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Basement Flooring Ideas

When undertaking a basement renovation, you’ve probably wondered just what basement flooring ideas you might have available. If I’m not the first to tell you let me at least be one of them, basement flooring is a risky business. Most factory warranties you’ll read about lead to a fear of imminent destruction by water moisture or flooding.

Well here’s a news flash for you. Most things that water touches via flooding destroy and if you take care of your moisture issues in your basement your options should be fairly wide open.

vinyl basement flooring

Now that being said, some basements will be more suited to different types of basement flooring options than others. When considering different basement flooring ideas you should question the durability of the material. Go high with this estimate but for the most part, basements tend to see medium use as a general rule of thumb. Because they do not typically encounter heavy traffic.

Instead of putting a new addition to your home, finish your basement. Most of the hard part is already done, it’s built. That doesn’t cost you anything but putting on that new room extension to your current home certainly would. This will give your family room to grow that won’t bear that additional building expense as well as finishing expenses

And also, finished basements are among the top 3 choices that buyers look for when purchasing a home. You can instantly add value to your home just by finishing your basement if you are looking to sell it. Who knows, it might sell quicker or add an extra 10 g’s to the sale price.

Basic Basement Flooring Ideas:

  • Laminate Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Carpet

Best Basement Flooring Ideas:

  • Refinished Concrete
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Marble Tile
  • Ceramic Tile

Some of the best basement flooring ideas have been around for quite some time and still hold true for basement flooring. I’m a really big fan of refinishing concrete as a basement flooring idea. A nice stain and buff job and you have a flooring option that bears no rivals in my opinion. The only thing you’ll have to account for is how cold the floor may become. But there are options for that as well. If you’re worried about the coldness of a stained concrete floor in the basement, you could go with some ceramic tile basement flooring. With some inlaid radiant heat to warm the floor up.

Basement Flooring Options

If you own a home that has a basement that is completely non-functional at the moment, or it may be functional and you are just looking at updating your basement flooring, then you might be speculating just exactly where to start. Typically, when some people think of basements, they instantly transformed into horrific movie scene flashbacks. Cold, dreary, and dark. Nothing good happens in the basement.

fresh basement flooring idea

We are here to tell you it simply doesn’t have to be that way. The basement doesn’t have to be a cold and dark place. It doesn’t have to be a “secondary storage shelter”. A dumping ground for those treasured memories that you just can’t find a place for anymore. No, basements can be so much more and it can all start with the basement flooring options you have available.

Throughout the years, people have been transforming their basements into spare bedrooms. Husbands have been turning basements into recreational sports viewing theatres. Wives restoring basements into arts and crafts offices. Basements have been made into an at-home gym with no membership fees. Now, how cool is that, anyway, you get the gist of it.

What this has meant is that new basement flooring ideas have been needed. And the market has responded with a virtual plethora of offerings.

Basically, when it comes to basement flooring, if you can put it in other rooms you can put it on your basement floors. Of course, some are much more durable and resistant to the basement extremes than others and proper precautions will need to be in place. But in general, the choice is all yours depending on the amount of work and funds you want to put into it or hire somebody to do it.

Hardwood Flooring

hardwood basement flooring

It is certainly a viable option for basement flooring for someone who has a home that is already covered in all hardwood. Why stop there just because it’s going to be used for basement flooring? Why not have the basement match the rest of the home? There is a bit higher risk with hardwood floors as it’s very susceptible to damage from flooding.

If you incur flooding or other water damage frequently in your basement then you should definitely steer clear of installing hardwood as basement flooring. Because of this, if you decide to use hardwood for basement flooring, protect it. We’ll have more articles based around protecting hardwood for basement flooring in the future so check back often.

Laminate Flooring

It is a popular choice when it comes to basement flooring, and rightly so, for the following reasons. First, laminate flooring is durable and can withstand to a certain extent the torture a basement flooring endures throughout the seasons. Most laminates come with a pretty extensive warranty and some are even certified for basements.

You’ll want to make sure you get the certified kind if you plan on installing it. Laminate has become a true do-it-yourselfer type of basement flooring. And finally, laminate flooring is exceptionally easy to clean.


carpet basement flooring

It is surely another viable option for basement flooring. As far as basement carpet options go there are a few things to consider. A lighter carpet can really open up a room and brighten a dark basement. One big advantage of carpet is that it is fairly inexpensive per square footage on average versus the other two options above. Yeah, it’s a little harder to keep clean than the others. But it can sure make an empty room look luxurious quickly.

Plus, the carpet itself is not nearly as hard or as tedious to install as those options above when it comes to basement flooring. Thus installation is usually cheaper as well when contracting the workout.

All in all, there are a ton of options available when it comes to basement flooring and basement flooring ideas. Keep browsing this website to find out what other options you can have for your next basement flooring project.

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