December 10, 2023

Installing Hardwood Floors Over Linoleum

Give your home a fresh, updated look with ease by installing hardwood floors over your existing linoleum. Not only is this project relatively inexpensive, but it can also be completed in a matter of hours with the right preparation and materials.

To begin, ensure that your floor is spotless and free of debris and that the linoleum is flat and level. If there are any imperfections, take the time to level the surface before installing the hardwood. Next, gather all necessary materials, such as hardwood flooring, underlayment, a trowel, adhesive, a saw, and any other cutting tools.

Now, it’s time to install your new hardwood floor. Start by laying down the underlayment on top of the linoleum, then use the trowel to spread adhesive on top of the underlayment.

Carefully place the first row of wood on top of the adhesive, making sure it is straight and even. Continue laying down rows until your entire floor is covered.

To finish, use a saw to trim off any excess wood and ensure all edges are even. Allow the adhesive to dry overnight and then bask in the beauty of your newly installed hardwood floors. Upgrade your home’s aesthetic with ease by installing hardwood floors over linoleum, a quick and budget-friendly solution.

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No, hardwood floors cannot be installed directly over linoleum. Linoleum must be removed before hardwood can be installed.