November 27, 2022

Unique Kitchen Flooring Options

Unique Kitchen Floor

Today, options for kitchen flooring are different from ever before. In fact, people looking to upgrade, renovate, or completely remodel the kitchen find the process of choosing new flooring an exciting venture. In addition to all the new and innovative materials, the selection of colors, designs, textures, and patterns is enormous. Add in that flooring can be purchased from traditional flooring stores, home improvement stores, wholesalers, and online, and it is hard to envision all the possibilities.

unique kitchen floor

Most people know all about linoleum, ceramic tile, granite, and the more conventional options for kitchen flooring but we wanted to provide you with some of the unique options that are getting a significant amount of attention. Just imagine having the only house on the block with special flooring, and being the envy of neighbors, family, and friends. As you look over the various options now available, you will be eager to get started in transforming this room of the house.

Bronze Tiles

With bronze tiles, the entire kitchen would be reminiscent of a cozy Tuscany villa, Southwest sunset, or Egyptian pyramid. Although a number of companies now manufacture and sell bronze kitchen tiles, one of the best is called Amtico. This company has tiles called Lunar Bronze, which have a warm, rich appearance that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Metal Tiles

Along with bronze, you might also consider kitchen flooring made with other types of metals. Included here are tin, copper, lead, silver, gold, and zinc. With this, you could choose from a variety of finishes, some smooth and some textured. Without a doubt, tile flooring such as this for the kitchen is incredibly unique and downright gorgeous.

African Bubinga

african bubinga kitchen floor

This type of wood is also known as Kevazingo, Essingang, Buvenga, African Rosewood, Waka, and Ovang. Grown in Central Africa, this wood is dense while having a gorgeous, rich appearance. The primary color is rose but the wood pattern is a deep purple striping. Typically, the color and grain are uniforms and for texture, it is even and fine. However, when this wood is quarter sawn, a flame appearance shows whereas flat-sawn wood is rose-colored. In addition, when African Bubinga wood has reached maturity, it becomes a dark burgundy. As you can imagine, African Bubinga is an unbelievable choice for kitchen flooring. Although it costs as much as $15 a square foot.

Spotted Gum

Another unique option for kitchen flooring is using what we usually call Spotted Gum wood. Grown in Australia, this wood is easy to work with. And for kitchen flooring, it handles both glues down and nail-down methods for installation well. In addition, spotted gumwood can be stained, finished, left its natural color, or even painted. Interestingly, this wood has a subtle citrus fragrance similar to oranges. With this being extremely resistant to decay and with a white, light brown, or deep red/brown coloring, it looks amazing.

Leather Tiles

You probably never considered that kitchen flooring could be in the form of leather tiles. But it is true that this option is another one that falls into the unique category. Leather tiles are simply beautiful and come from a variety of sources. Although ostrich tends to be among the most popular. This type of tile is also available in wonderful colors, textures, and patterns. It ensures that the tile would work with any style of kitchen. This material actually withstands traffic and is a great addition. But it does come with one drawback – quality leather tile costs upwards of $25 a square foot.


cork kitchen floor

If you love supporting a healthy environment, cork is an excellent choice. The look is rich and sophisticated, with subtle patterns that would enhance virtually any kitchen design. Although most colors are earthy, there is a huge selection of hues, all rich and gorgeous. Cork flooring is ideal for the kitchen in a number of ways beyond beauty and being environmentally friendly. This material is naturally soft, it offers great insulating qualities. Also, cork is actually easy to clean, and this material is resistant to mold and fire. Since cork flooring is made from tree bark, the actual tree is never damaged or destroyed, just harvested

Limestone and Granite Tile

Tile floors in the kitchen are simply gorgeous. Although some types of tile tend to be more affordable, easier to care for, and longer-lasting, tile creates a unique sense of style that is hard to achieve with other flooring materials. Two popular choices that can transform any kitchen, regardless of style, include limestone and granite. In this article, we wanted to offer a brief overview of the two so you may see something you like to add to your own kitchen.


limestone kitchen floor

First, limestone kitchen flooring is unique, beautiful, and available in a wide range of colors and patterns. One of the main benefits of choosing limestone as a flooring material is that it offers both strength and durability. Since spills, dropped dishes, and heavy traffic are common in most kitchens, it is important that the material chosen for the floor is capable of standing up to these and other challenges.

Additionally, limestone is a hard material, it features low porosity, and it is simply gorgeous. Interestingly, limestone also boasts a natural oil-resistant property. So if food were to spill, the floor would not become stained. Unless of course, you allow the spill to sit for hours. If you want to consider limestone for your new kitchen flooring, you should know a few specific things to make sure the floor always looks great.

Proper Installation

limestone kitchen flooring

For instance, limestone would need to be installed by a true professional and sealed properly. That way, it will greatly reduce the potential for stains. This type of flooring also resists drastic changes in weather. So if you live in a part of the country with extreme heat and/or cold, you would have complete confidence that the floor would retain its beauty and not experience damage.

Unlike some of the other types of kitchen flooring materials on the market, limestone has a soft, subtle appearance that is sophisticated. One thing about limestone that most people do not know is that this material has been around in one way or another for thousands of years. As a sedimentary stone, limestone is comprised of calcium carbonate and calcite. Coupled with crushed seashells, grains, fossils, dinosaur bones, and sea animal bones. Because of this, the look of limestone is unique, with no two floors looking the same.

You will find that after you installed the limestone tiles in your kitchen, they are actually soft and comfortable on which to walk even though the material is so dense. Of all tile options for the kitchen, the number of homebuilders, designers, and architects now suggesting limestone for the kitchen is on the rise. Since limestone comes in so many colors and features unique imperfections that give the material character, your floor would look amazing with this type of floor.


granite kitchen floor

Second, granite tile is another way to update your kitchen floor. Of all natural stones, granite is the hardest, most durable, and longest-lasting, making it an exceptional investment. Granite is also a great choice for the kitchen in that this type of tile needs little upkeep. It is extremely easy to clean, and it features beautiful features that would work with any style or decorum.

Just as you would find with limestone, granite tile comes in a huge selection of colors, as well as textures and patterns. Some of the primary benefits of choosing a granite tile floor for the kitchen include the material being naturally resistant to alkalis and acids. Cleaning simply requires sweeping and mopping with warm water and mild dishwashing soap such as Palmolive or Dove. And if scratched, restoration is possible although relatively expensive. Other than the high price, granite tile makes an exceptional choice for any kitchen.

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